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Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, connects you with the latest information on trends and developments in all of the major industries and markets. Frost & Sullivan would like to provide you with insights that are tailored to your specific modes of communication. By indicating your communication preferences we can provide you with access to our research, analysis, best practices and events that will give you the tools to help your company grow.

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GIL Community Newsletter:
  This customized newsletter connects you with pointed, industry-specific information that keeps you on the cutting edge of the latest market trends, events, webcasts, revolutionary developments and new insights and innovation within your industry. It is the easiest way to get targeted market growth analysis as well as strategies and recommendations from our industry experts. The industries you selected earlier will provide you with only the specific information tailored to your interest.
  These are our dedicated resources for the latest news and information from influential industry leaders with the added benefit of cross-industry information supplied by Frost & Sullivan s analysts and web gurus. The e-Bulletin is filled with topical content and provides new tools, techniques, best practices, innovative ideas and leadership models to inspire our readers.
On-Line Events
Analyst Briefings:
  These are complimentary interactive webinars hosted by our market analysts, covering the latest industry hot topics, growth opportunities, market trends and forecasts.
Chairman's Series on Growth:
  Complimentary webcasts, hosted monthly by Chairman, David Frigstad. Each session integrates Frost & Sullivan's top strategic insights on how to make your entire Growth Team more effective while accelerating your company s growth.
Ask the Thought Leader:
  This one-hour webcast highlights a best-in-class company who receives the Frost & Sullivan Certified Best Practice distinction. The webcast allows attendees to ask questions directed at the executive who created the approach.
  Sponsor-driven webinars discussing cutting-edge business strategies and providing solutions to executive clients through interactive Internet forums. By combining the immediacy of the Web with the impact of streaming audio and video, Frost & Sullivan's eBroadcasts are one-hour, topic-specific seminars packed with the information and insights needed to address real-world business needs.
Live Events
Executive MindXchange
  Our one-of-a-kind Executive MindXchange format leverages the mass of brainpower of all of our participants. Jam-packed with dynamic networking activities and hands-on content, our programs are over 80% interactive. Brainstorm with your peers and validate solutions to your personal needs and challenges through workshops, ThinkTanks, panels, roundtables, and mindshares.
Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) University
  Helps organizations to adopt best practices for growth. We share our expertise through workshops, interactive online modules and custom designed solutions to benchmark, build and strengthen the organizational and functional capabilities required to deliver sustained growth.
Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC)
  The Manufacturing Leadership Council is an exclusive, invitation-only executive network designed to define and shape a better future for manufacturers worldwide. Through exclusive events, conference calls and online resources, members exchange strategic insights and practical day-to-day advice to advance their careers, their companies and the industry at large.
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